Using a Vehicle Wrap to Increase Business Advertising Exposure

Vehicle Wraps Fleet Graphics

Marketing your business is essential to its growth and success. Advertising used to be something simple, a few print ads here, some TV commercials there, maybe throw in some radio spots a few times a week and sit back for the customers to find you. If all else failed you always could rely on the good old yellow pages, and for the most part small businesses didn’t have too much concern about competition outside of the immediate area that their potential customers resided in.

Today getting the word out about your business is a lot harder, there are more small business than every vying for the attention of the same customer base, and with the rise of social media, digital radio and the plethora of cable outlets offering cheap rates, advertising is a complex game. There is one relatively new tool that is great for getting your business name out there in a way that gets peoples attention and drives their interest, vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps Vinyl

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle warp, or “car wrap” as they are also referred to as, is simply a large vinyl sticker that is adheres to all exterior visible surfaces of a car, van or truck. The sticker can be printed to resemble any design and as such can include logos, contact information, slogans, designs, images and more. The best thing about a car wrap is that it places your business in a place that it is likely to be exposed to just about every type of potential customer you might ever want to pursue, road traffic.

So how do you get your companies fleet equipped with car wraps? The first step is to find a high quality vehicle wrap shop who has experience in printing, applying and sealing vinyl wraps for vehicles. The process is similar to applying window tint, but much larger and more complex, every seam must be lined up perfectly and the process can be very time consuming. Its best to leave this one to the pros to make sure that your efforts are putting your business in the best light.

Vehicle wrap design

Next you need to put together your vehicle wrap design. Designing your wrap is key to it being the most effective. Make sure that you get the most important information on the vehicle in places that it will be seen clearly and for the longest period of exposure time for each viewer.

Vinyl Car Wrap

If you are concerned about putting together a design that will work, let your shop hep by guiding you through the use of their vehicle wrap templates. They can also help you choose the best vehicle wrap design that will effectively market your business to its intended customer base. While you would design a wrap without the sue of a vehicle wrap template its not recommended as you do not know how the finished product will look on the particular type of vehicle you have.

Using a vinyl vehicle wrap of the vehicles in your fleet is a great way to increase the exposure of your business to a new customer group who is effectively a captive audience. They are stuck in traffic anyway, why not take the opportunity to inform them about who you are and what you can offer. Its a great way for all kinds of businesses, organizations, and even political, faith or community groups to advertise in a cost effective and high exposure method.

26 Photos of the Using a Vehicle Wrap to Increase Business Advertising Exposure

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