2016 Honda Civic 4-door sedan – the safest car of the year

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Photo

The 2016 Honda Civic 4-door sedan has earned a 5 out of 5 safety rating. It has passed every single vehicle safety test and the damage level of the mannequin was moderate. The safety rating for 2016 Honda Civic was a perfect 5/5.

The technology behind this car is what makes it truly safe. With anti lock brakes, side airbags and quality sensors, this car cannot be safer. Also, the cruise control technology has improved, while the price is actually a bit lower. Either way, this car is absolutely worth every penny.

2016 Honda Civic Sedan pictures

A short review of 2016 Honda Civic safety

The 2016 Honda Civic 4-door sedan is a great model for youngsters, since it’s fast and adaptable. The car’s design emphasizes width. The lines inside the board are parallel, further emphasizing width. The leather on the chairs is made of very high quality material.

There is also a center console, which is one continuous unit consisting of the park-brake switch, the gear shift lever and touch screen monitor. The 2016 Honda Civic picture shows that the interior is particularly comfortable, and one would have to be over 6 feet tall in order not to feel good inside it.

Also, 2016 Honda Civic picture shows that the car is wide and long. It has very good aerodynamics and its position on the road will not fluctuate at high speeds. It has a good weight to length ratio, further making it suitable for driving. Even though it’s not a race car, it definitely has enough horsepower. Thus, we might see this car in rallies one day.

2016 Honda Civic

The price is actually very accessible. Even though these models of cars are described as being part of the ‘competitive class’, the sedan is great for families too. In fact, it’s an amazing city car. It has good acceleration and great breaks.

The 2016 model has an amazing front crash prevention; this is why the safety rating for 2016 Honda Civic was a perfect 10. It has superior roof, front and sides vehicle safety. The crashworthiness pictures of the test dummy shows it was not severely damaged – in fact, he ‘survived’ and only left with a few scrapes.

To conclude:

The new Honda Civic model has amazing features. The crashworthiness pictures is what makes it truly unique. It is the safest model on the market, with perfect front crash prevention. It has achieved a performance that no other car manufacturer ever has.

21 Photos of the 2016 Honda Civic 4-door sedan – the safest car of the year

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